I am a traveler with a bicycle. I was in the Andaman Islands when I first heard about it from a friend I met there. He had bicycled across Japan with a friend and spent 3 months on the road. When I came back to mainland, I was already looking up touring bicycles online and I’d made up my mind that I was going to travel across India this way.

The intense diversity of India –  geography, language, culture, traditionalism, you – will keep me pedaling. I’ve begun from the south side, where I’m from (Have you heard of Tuticorin a.k.a Thoothukudi?), and plan to complete full circle, heading towards the north-east, and then the rest of the country.

I am exploring the natural environment this way – to learn about the complex ecology of India by visiting forests, sanctuaries, bio-diverse regions, first-hand and from the people who have dedicated their lives to conserving the natural beauty. I am keen on sharing this knowledge that I gain through my journey, of important local flora and fauna through talks in educational institutions as well as by an act so simple yet effective—direct conversation with the residents of that region.

Nevertheless, the pleasure of cycling-about far outweighs the ‘need’ to do it for yet another good cause. I’ll show you. Follow me – on the blog or bring your own saddle.

Peace & Trees.

Why I bicycle, when I can rumble?.