The perspectives towards cycling is changing. It has become the plight of the poor and delight of the rich. In urban areas, a crowd has kicked in to enjoy it for sport or a means to achieve their fitness goals. That the bicycle can be used as a mode of transport is often ignored.

In India, many people are unaware of several aspects of cycling: different types of bicycles, cycling posture, saddle height, basic maintenance, etc. Lack of this knowledge deter a person from choosing to bicycle as it can lead to bad postures that cause injury or poorly functioning bicycle parts.

Cycling lanes may soon become a part of urban life in a sustainable future. If they need to be utilised right, we will need informed citizens making sustainable choices.

I can conduct interactive workshops for children through schools or organizations.

If you are an educational institution, or someone involved with education of children this presentation might interest you:

Climate change: Is it really going on? What can you do?
Bicycle: How it is part of building a sustainable planet
Fitness and nutrition: What your body needs?
Music: Rhythms and Cycling

Cycle to Work 
(for corporate offices/ adults):  

Bicycling: Why should I? How can I ensure safety?
Economics of the modern bicycle: the fuss about seemingly unfair prices
Bicycle Ergonomics: Bike fit, saddle height, posture, maintenance
Fitness & Nutrition: Exercises & Stretches: before and after
Modern accessories: Can I really lug my office briefcase on a bicycle?

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