It’s too salty without coastal dunes

I was in Rameswaram looking through my route for the next part of the journey with a friend. About 100 km along the coast there were these series of ponds and water bodies that he spotted on the map. It was something neither of us had seen before. Take a look at the picture.



Environmentalism is almost a profitable term today. There are those who swear by it on social media, some who wear it for personal gains, some who barely understand the term but anoint themselves with it, and there are some who live in accordance without ever mentioning it. I am, probably, the kind who fits into … Continue reading Environ-jazz-mentals

A tree that grows –

Meet Singaravelu – a school Science teacher who is passionately passing on his care for nature through a school in Vedaranyam. He teaches in Anantharasu Aided Middle School, a government-aided school, in Maraignanalur near Vedaranyam. The students wear the same school uniform throughout the state and the rest of the staff are like any other … Continue reading A tree that grows –

How I met Singaravelu (Or: The dilemma of labels, presumptions, and hypocrisy)

I was looking for a place to sleep for the evening. After my evening dip in a pond, in Vedaranyam, I was hanging out at a coffee shop, sipping on it slowly. The lady who served me the coffee was a typical tamil mami, who seemed quite annoyed by my appearance (yes, some people give an annoyed pout face when they look at me).

The 10 day trial .. II

Lessons From The Wind: From the temple it was nearly 3 km towards the hills. The mud road went along a dry river bed. The road was elevated from everything around you. It was beautiful all around me, while I the road was leading me straight into the valley. I met no one on this road.

The 10 day trial .. I

The Beginning: It was for too long that I had wanted to set out on a trial journey. It did seem like walking that thin line between sanity and insanity for me. I'd been planning it for several weeks and when the moment arrived, something would pop-up requiring my presence and I would reschedule my event.

Is it ‘safe’ to commute on a bicycle in India?

When I started out commuting by bicycle, I was really excited. To the extent that, I neither cared about road rules nor was I interested in wearing a helmet (the most common question/advice I receive as a cyclist). And..,